photo taken from YB Rajiv's Facebook

In a significant step towards enhancing urban mobility and making daily commutes more seamless and efficient, Kumpool is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Bukit Gasing Assemblyman, Rajiv Rishyakaran. With a shared vision to ease the lives of working adults and students alike, this strategic partnership is set to transform commuting dynamics across Petaling Jaya. On April 21, 2023, the initiative officially kicked off, marking a new era in connectivity for PJ residents.

A Step Closer to Seamless Commuting

Acknowledging the challenges faced by PJ residents during their daily commutes, Assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran identified the need for more targeted solutions. Kumpool’s carpool initiative emerged as a direct response to this challenge, aiming to provide residents with a practical, reliable, and cost-effective alternative for their daily travels. This collaboration aims to make commuting not just efficient, but also environmentally friendly, by encouraging shared rides and reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road.

Precision in Connectivity: Smaller Areas, Greater Impact

One of the key differentiators of this carpool initiative is its focus on smaller, highly strategic areas within PJ. By concentrating efforts on specific stops, Kumpool and Assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran are ensuring that commuters have access to convenient pickup and drop-off points that align with their daily routines. This precision in connectivity is set to redefine how PJ residents approach their daily journeys.

Affordable Commuting for All

As part of the initiative’s promotional phase, Kumpool is offering the carpool service at a nominal fee of RM1 per ride. This remarkable offer not only makes commuting affordable for all but also encourages residents to experience the convenience of shared rides. The lower cost is designed to incentivize commuters to choose a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation, ultimately contributing to reduced traffic congestion and a greener environment.

Your Stops, Your Journey: Introducing the Key Stops

The new carpool initiative is all about catering to the needs of PJ residents. The carefully selected stops include a mix of residential, commercial, and educational hubs, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can benefit. Here are some of the key stops included in the carpool route:

  • Taman Jaya LRT station
  • Amcorp Mall
  • Petron Jalan Utara (Asia Jaya LRT station)
  • Wisma TB Jalan Timur
  • 32 Square Section 19
  • The Challenger Sports Center
  • Jaya One Mall
  • Crystal Crown PJ
  • Digital Mall
  • Public Bank PJ New Town
  • Wisma MCIS
  • Aeon Big Jaya One
  • Wisma Kemajuan
  • Mattress Factory Outlet
  • Hotel Lisa De Inn
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions
  • Dutch Lady Industries
  • Menara Symphony
  • Federal Academy of Ballet
  • VSQ PJ (near BAC Petaling Jaya)

A Commuting Revolution Begins

With this powerful collaboration, Kumpool and Bukit Gasing Assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran are ushering in a new era of connectivity and convenience for PJ residents. By offering targeted carpool solutions, the initiative is poised to make a significant impact on daily commuting patterns, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and efficient urban transportation system. As the initiative gains traction and residents embrace the benefits of shared rides, the future of PJ commuting looks brighter than ever.