If you’re a daily commuter, we’ve got some exciting news that’s set to make your journeys smoother, more convenient, and incredibly affordable. The dynamic partnership between Rapid Bus and Kumpool, which brought you the innovative Proof of Concept initiative, has yielded remarkable results. Now, the journey continues as this groundbreaking concept makes its way to Shah Alam, specifically Alam Megah, starting from February 13th, 2023, to May 12th, 2023. And, if the response is anything like before, this service is here to stay!

From Success to Expansion: A New Era for Commuting

The resounding success of the Proof of Concept initiative is the catalyst for this exciting expansion. Rapid Bus CEO, Muhammad Yazurin Sallij, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “With the proven concept and well-received demand that we witnessed in Wangsa Maju, where an astonishing 26,813 passengers embraced the service within just four months, we’re thrilled to introduce this transformative service to more areas.”

The satisfaction of commuters and their growing trust in this innovative solution have been instrumental in propelling the project forward. Now, residents of Shah Alam will get to experience the seamless and convenient journey that the Kumpool on-demand bus service promises.

Unlocking Seamless Commuting: What to Expect

For those unfamiliar with the Kumpool on-demand bus service, let’s dive into the details. Picture this: no more waiting around, uncertain about when the next bus will arrive. With Kumpool’s user-friendly app, you can pre-book your bus ride from Alam Megah to your destination of choice. Whether you’re headed to work, college, or simply exploring the city, this service has your back.

And here’s the cherry on top: the fares remain as affordable as ever, standing at just RM1 per ride. That’s right – for a pocket-friendly price, you gain access to a hassle-free, efficient, and comfortable commuting experience. Plus, the payment process is a breeze, as you can use your trusted Touch ‘n Go card or your My50 card.

Join the Commuting Revolution: How to Get Started

As the initiative kicks off in Shah Alam’s Alam Megah area, now’s the time to get onboard. Download the Kumpool app, available for both Android and iOS devices, and discover the future of urban mobility. Take control of your commuting journey, bid farewell to uncertainty, and embrace the convenience that comes with pre-booking your bus rides.

The journey is just beginning, and with your support and participation, we’re set to transform the way Malaysians travel. Stay tuned for updates, stories, and insights as we journey together towards a brighter, more connected future in commuting.