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Tired of standing in long bus rides to work or driving out for quick errands? Let us be your solution. Kumpool is a ride-pooling transportation platform in Malaysia that offers you comfort, convenience, and a better commuting experience! We “kumpul” commuters for a more efficient ride to shorten your traveling duration.

Why Kumpool


Shorten your traveling time by skipping unnecessary stops during your journey! Our technology combines booking made within zones and travels a route based on passengers’ pick-up and drop-off stops efficiently.


Providing an “all-can-afford” transportation option for the community. Pay for a price that’s worth the experience. P/S: Selalu berKONGSI di kumpool, lebih jimat!


Plan your trips in-advance to avoid the rush and get to your destination on time.


Pacing accessible routes to replace your unnecessary walking and driving. Experience comfort with guaranteed seats and quality services!

Service Areas

Serving the community from multiple areas including Johor Bahru and Klang Valley! Kumpool with us in more locations soon…

Let’s see if we are currently servicing your area.

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How to book a ride on Kumpool?

Booking a ride is as easy as gossiping with MakCik Bawang…
Select your preferred pick-up and drop-off stops via the kumpool app and waits for your ride to be confirmed.

Pro-tip: Arrive at your pick-up stop early for a smoother ride experience!

Get In Touch!

Whether you’re curious about something or would like to provide feedback, you may “kumpul” it here!

WhatsApp us: +60127738840

We’re looking forward to connecting with you!