Wetopia x Kumpool Ride (Nilai)

Information page

Welcome Aboard!

This website serves as your go-to information hub for van schedules and pre-ride preparations. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know to make your journey smooth and enjoyable.


Book Ahead!

  • No more long waits for your ride, schedule and track it on the Kumpool app.
  • You won’t need to go through all the stops along your journey as it’s based on passengers’ bookings only.

What To Do?

Step 1: Register with Wetopia

Connect with Wetopia's staff if you're interested in our shuttle service.

Step 2: Download Our App

Download and register the app. Click here to download

Step 3: Allow 1-3 Working Days

Please wait while we complete your registration on our end

Step 4: Start To Book Your Ride!

Enjoy! You may start to book a ride now through the app.

Shuttle Schedule

How to Book A Ride

Step 1: Open Kumpool App
Step 2: Click “Book a Kumpool”
Step 3: Select “Kumpool Business”
Step 4: Select Wetopia (Yellow Line/Blue Line) – It’s important to check the schedule based on your shuttle line
Step 5: Select your pick up and drop off location
Step 6: Select your pick up timing
Step 7: Confirm your booking
Step 8: Wait for your ride! 🙂

For Customer Service, Whatsapp us at

+60196932328 from 9am – 6pm (mon-fri, message only)